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Security fencing trellis anti climb fence barbed wire field boundary fence for sale



Security fencing

High security fencing, Prison Mesh Fencing or 358 Mesh Fencing very popular , is a very durable steel Mesh Fencing system. It contains straight and vertical mesh wires which welded together to avoid people from fitting their fingers via the apertures, to ultimately climb the secure fencing.

Producing a high quality wire mesh fencing use a good welding devices is not enough, also a proficient welding employee. To regulate the equipment rate and proofread the direction of cables are extremely crucial. The manufacturing rate is fast, the wire is more than warmed and require guy made proofread the wire to be right placement.


Anti climb fence

Security fence, another names include anti climb fencing, boundary fence, clear view fencing,etc. one of the most special specs is the mesh dimension — 76.2 mm * 12.7 mm. Obviously the small mesh brights the anti-climb as well as anti-cut function . because the dense cables need more material,so the weight of it is about 3 or 4 times than other wire fence.

With barbed wire is wildly used for the locations require high safety and security protection as a boundary fence, such as prison, army area and also other locations require or have reduced safety and security control. If you require a trustworthy 358 mesh high safety fence supplier in China, please contact us anytime.

The expert modern technology guarantees the greatest price conserving. Integrating the thick mesh and also the common field fence mesh to develop a special guardrail for the high anti-climbing isolation security net is coming to be increasingly more popular and also a growing number of preferred.

Wire panel

The wire panel trellis use high degree of security materials in width 2000 mm , the  height of 2000 mm to 4000 mm. Several panels can be mounted on top of each other, therefore may attain a total height of 6500 mm.


  • Wire diameter: 3 mm, 3.5 mm,4 mm all can for horizontal wire and vertical Wire.
  • panel: 76 mm(3’’) x 12.6 mm(0.5’’) resistance welded well at each intersection
  • Welded strengthen: range 520-790 N/㎡
  • Surface treatment:anti climb fence panels made of hot dip galvanized metal wire, then with polymer powder coat(Min. 110 micron), or PVC powder painted. It gives additional security and increases the prospective life span.
  • Color:dark green, light green, black, gray, etc.


Fence post

Posts made of pipe to fit the height of the wire fence panels, with the security fixings.

  • Product: high quality steel for maximum strength and rigidness
  • Post section: 60 × 60 mm,80 × 60 mm, 80 × 80 mm or 120 × 60 mm.
  • Material Plate thickness: 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm
  • Surface treatment : both inside and outside is galvanized (Min. 275 g/㎡), and then cover with a polymer powder (Min. 60 micron ).
  • Cap for post: 80×60 mm and 100×80 mm post with metal caps, and 80×80 mm post can with plastic cap.
  • Metal clips and clamps are hot dip galvanize after that powder coated in clients’ purchase.

Security Wire Fencing

Security Wire Fence

Security fencing is extremely hard to pass through or assaulted using traditional hand devices,with barb used for armed forces, airport, prison

Security fencing anti climb fence