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Double Wire Fence Welded Metal Security Fencing



Double wire fence

Double wire fence welded preventing people from crossing or climbing over your fence system is critical for schools, sports fields, and many other public places.  Using a double wire manufacturing process, a double screen fence system provides protection against both factors.  Each plate has two 8mm metal wires, each 6mm vertical (868 double wire) welded to the sides, giving potential intruders little chance of breaking through.  It is also available as a 656 two-line panel option.  The face plate is secured to the steel column with strong clamps and secured with pin hexagon safety screws with no visible fixtures on the back of the column.  Available in a variety of RAL colors and over 20 different heights, the Abxfence double screen fence can be customized for each installation.  


Security wire fence


double wire fence welded, as the name implies, is because it has no frame, and there are two silk links, known as “bilateral silk”, and because it can play a role in security protection, but also mesh, so called bilateral wire guardrail. Double Wire Mesh Fence Panels is a kind of reinforced security fence that is very popular at present. It  widely used for home, garden and commercial security protection. Different heights can  selected according to customer needs. Installation is very simple, only need to connected by a dedicated clip, the operation is very convenient. The welded structure of 6/5/6 or 8/6/8 enhances the robustness of the fence, making it a good protection in the face of some impact.




Fence panel:

  • Height: 830 mm, 1230 mm, 1530 mm, 1830 mm, 2030 mm, or required.
  • Width: 2000 mm, 2500 mm, or required.
  • Materials: steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, other material available.
  • Surface treatment:  PVC powder coated (Min.100 micron), galvanized (Min.120 micron) . It provides durable usage .
  • Colors:  gray, green, black, white. All is available.
  • Accessories: fence post, barbed wire, clamp bars, bolts,  nuts, washer, clips, etc.


  • Fence post should buried into ground, either 500 mm minimum or 700 mm maximum.
  • Fence panels put in line with posts and fittings.
  • if Y posts used on the top of the fence, , razor wire and barbed wire could be locked.
  • Spacing between brackets in post should better be 0.3 m.
  • complete construction guide offered upon request.

Double wire fence has more steady framework than usual welded wire fences for usage of in different places.