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Wire Fence Panel Sports Court Fencing Security Border Wall Yard Garden Hardware Cloth



Double wire fence

Double wire fence have a lot more stable structure , which is more than other welded wire fences for people to use in different areas.
Dual wire fencing developed by a dual horizontal wire and a vertical wire, and that is the reason this sort of wire fence is a lot more stable than typical bonded mesh fences. It’s made from moderate steel, carbon steel or stainless steel , the surface treatment with galvanization or polyester powder. Due to the security, beauty and landscaping, double wire fences with square or peach posts used in parks, industrial websites or houses around the globe.


868 wire fence

868 wire fence which is twin straight wire (8 mm in diameter) and upright wire (6 mm size) welded at the meeting points. Each panel is do with two various ends– one end is flush while the other end dictates a 30 mm barbed top. Panels have the option of being readied to either preferred position i.e. with the barbed end encountering downwards.

Sports court fencing & security border wall

Metal welded wire fencing shown in the left picture is extremely strengthen and has excellent rebound properties making it sense for commercial and industrial areas, also great for sports field, such as basketball court, tennis court areas and garden parks.



  • 1. Dual wire secure fencing has attributes of grid structure, which is beauty,useful and landscaping.  It very widely used in parks and also living locations.
  • 2. Due to the dual wire fence very easy transportation,  and also installing without the limitations of special surface. It adjust to hill, hillside and winding areas.
  • 3.Dual wire fence as specialist fence utilized in airports and also army bases.  With the arm joint, razor wire, barbed wire and other security accessories, the protection will much more.
  • 4. The double wire secure fencing cost is under the medium degree, it is widely use for commercial sites, playing fields, enjoyment, schools as security fencing.



  • 1.  Sequential assembly conserves great deals of time and improves efficiency.
  • 2. Each part with remarkable top quality, and 10-year anti-corrosion to make the fencing work out.
  • 3. It is a best system to deal with gateway in an one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • 4. Professional set up attracting are offered for your easy understanding

Double Wire Fence

Double wire fence is extremely strengthen and has excellent rebound properties, great for sports field such as tennis court areas and parks.

Security Wire Fence