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Barbed Wire Mesh Razor Grid Fence Concertina Boundary Perimeter Security Fencing



Barbed Wire Mesh

Barbed wire mesh made from barbed wire, it is an extremely efficient methods of protecting any kind of region, and allows you to construct reputable fences.

Razor Mesh remains in usage throughout the globe, at flight terminals, army bases & borders, now widely utilized in residential circumstances.

The Piranha grid is one of the most reliable and useful security barriers, therefore to dramatically enhance the safety residential properties of existing barriers. The Piranha razor grid is utilized as an independent fencing, similarly installed on any kind of fence and also utilized as an anti-digging tool.


Razor Grid Fence

Razor grid fencing is a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges, the  function is to stop through and climbing.

Just as its appearance, very sharp to tear onto clothing and also flesh. The razor wire fence with multiple blades, creating to bring upon severe cuts on any individual attempting to climb up through, and has a solid emotional deterrent impact.

Razor wire includes a core hardened steel strip that is frequently under stress, so when cut, it strikes the cutter.

The panels of Razor mesh is an efficient deterrent and obstacle when used on fences/walls, or as a way of securing gaps in fences, home windows, shed roofing systems and so on. Simple and very easy to fit.



Razor Mesh trellis is an efficient intruder deterrent & a cool choice for a garden.

Razor security fencing is almost impossible to climb or cut with basic tools.

Not only has a neat appearance and also is advised for …

  • The reinforcement of fencing
  • The fence outside the house
  • Roof covering and skylight reinforcement
  • Protecting small available gaps


1. Sturdy
Razor mesh fences are solid and also resilient. They can not punctured with typical devices, making them a reliable obstacle.
2. Easy to mount
This type of fence does not require special tools or abilities to set up. It also calls for minimal upkeep work.
3. Can be customized
Based on your security requires, you might personalize the razor mesh fencing according to your specs.

Barbed wire mesh with multiple blades, very sharp, widely utilized in flight terminals, army bases & borders, residential circumstances.

Barbed Wire Mesh

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 20 cm