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Welded Wire Fencing Garden Curvy V Mesh Panels Green 3d Fence Perimeter Factory



Welded Wire Fencing

Welded wire fencing is a modern wire fencing system, no intimidating appearance but security.barbed top has a deterrent prevent climbing. Great visibility blends into the environment.

For instance, if you own a business, security comes to a top considering. Even business facilities in the safest locations can be victims of robbery, vandalism or burglaries, so never take the risk. Safety wire fencing is one way of preventing opportunists into company, securing valuable workplace tools, vehicles and also individual properties from being hurt. so secure fencing could be the physical securing you need to safeguard your company.

If you’re wondering a high quality steel fence, maybe ABX-FENCING can help, our welded mesh fencing and steel railings are designed will increase the security for your premises.


V Mesh Fence

V mesh fence is an affordable of the wire system, constructed with welding mesh panel.  longitudinal wire develops a stronger trellis. The mesh sheet welded with high quality carbon steel wire, after galvanization preliminary and then polyester powder spray covering. the connection with article by suitable clips. Because of its simple structure, easy installation, great appearance, a growing number of customers regard V mesh fencing as the preferred usual protective fencing.

Therefore V Mesh Security Fencing generally utilized in airports, lawn of the park. zoo and pool lake perimeter,residential building and hotel, etc. we are working with a wide range of clients, includes school, office and military base.


Product Description

3D fence also called welded wire fencing, it is a full top quality fence system.
with panels of 2.5 meter large, created for a professional and low cost installment with long life time.

1. Benefit
Strong welded mesh panels with rectangular meshes and also horizontal reinforcements ensure a high level of rigidity.

2. Long life solution
The finish innovation of the fence is state-of-the-art and also ensures an added lengthy life.

3. Corrosion resistance
A special layer is used after galvanization to make certain total bond of the PVC leading coat.

4. Cost effective
Green 3D mesh gives excellent quality and strength with low cost.

5. Application
Manufacturing facility, warehouse, army websites, trains, roads, flight terminals, yard, lawn, for boundary of a job.

Welded wire fencing affordable with excellent quality, simple structure, easy installation, great appearance preferred usual protective fence

Welded Wire Fence

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 20 cm