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Security Wire Fence 358 Mesh barbed metal panels Clear View Anti Climb Prison Fence



Security Wire Mesh

Security wire fence is additionally called anti climb fencing which is the supreme strong welded mesh panel providing the highest degree of safety with excellent translucent exposure. 358 protection fence has toe and finger proof account. With spacing requirements of 75 mm x 12.5 mm, it is difficult for fingers and also toes to experience. Our 358 safety fencing is perfect as a protected fence system due to its special thickness, anti-cutting products as well as its structure is very strong resistant as well as tough to uninstall. With our exceptional anti-climb fence supply, customers can delight in the best relaxation and secured defense from inside of your own.

One of the most usual inexpensive solution to hinder climbing is straightforward rows of barbed wire. This can be in the guise of vertical, lean over arm and Y leading expansions. All of these choices can easily have concertina razor wire contributed to prevent the most determined intruder. The next step up from barbed/ razor wire can be a turning system this can be provided in many different styles including nylon increased, steel spikes and also plain nylon revolving drums.


358  Clear View Fence

This is Not any type of Weld Mesh

Another high-security fence needs is the 358 mesh. These products provide that additional level of security required for commercial as well as commercial residential or commercial properties in jeopardy of intruders. The reason for their supremacy razor wire, anti-dig mesh as well as surveillance.

The product built with One Steel wire,which has a zinc/alloy finishing which uses a four-time lifespan better life than galvanized wire.

Try climbing this fencing, as well as you will see why it commonly referred to as a 358 Anti Climb. As a result of its limited aperture of only 9mm.

The mesh generally overlapped and also set up to RHS square tube post and fixed with safety faceplate.

We also installed the mesh to UB or UC tube post where additional stretch and safety is needed. The front web of posts are pre-drilled, then the mesh is bolted to the post with 8 mm frying pan head bolts and shear nut, which break off when tensioned.

A lot of our DEFCON 358 fences finished with razor wire or coils over.



Security wire fence

  • Welded wire panel
  • Mesh size: 12.7 mm × 76.2 mm with each welded point well
  • Wire diameter:0 mm horizontal wire with 4.0 mm vertical Wire.
  • Welded strengthen: range 530-790 N/㎡
  • Surface treatment:Zinc coated after welded, then with polyester coat

Fence posts

  • Materials:high grade steel with maximum strengthen and
  • Tube section: 60 × 80 mm, 80 × 80 mm or 100 × 100 mm.
  • Post wall thickness: 2.0 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm.
  • Surface treatment:both inside and outside galvanizing (Min. 265 g/㎡), then covered with polymer powder (Min. 70 micron).
  • Polymer Colors: Green RAL 6005, or Black RAL 9005.
  • Post cap:materials of metal cap or plastic cap.

Security wire fence is the supreme strong welded mesh,providing the highest degree of safety with excellent translucent exposure.

Security Wire Fence