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Welded Bar grating heavy duty metal bearing Galvanized steel driveway grid serrated mesh



Welded Bar Grating

The most cost-effective option of steel grating product. This grating is produced by an electro-forging process, welding rectangular bearing bars and also cross rods.

This welding technique supplies a favorable combination of cross poles as well as birthing bars. The most prominent is the 19-4 spacing; with around 80% open location the 19-4 spacing enables flow of dust, snow, fluids, air and also debris. Bonded bar grating is also available in close mesh ADA adapting spacing for use in public areas. Various birthing bar thickness can be defined, one of the most common 3/16″ is equipped in several midst 1/8″, 1/4″ are equipped in minimal amounts. Birthing bar density is provided from 1/8″ to 1/2″ to fit any type of load rating needs.

Widely made use of in a lot of general plants along with commercial structures; it has a wide range of uses such as walkways, platforms, security barriers, ventilation grates as well as water drainage covers.


Benefit of the steel grating:

  • – light weight-easy to set up as well as clean-nodem
  • – great appearance-high strength-ventilation and light can travel through
  • – material saving-slip-resistant and safe
  • – heavy loading and durable



Look: easy lines. Silver exterior, modern-day fads.
Best drain: leak area of 83.3%, greater than increase the cast iron.
Hot-dip galvanizing: rust-proof and also strong, maintenance as well as replacement.
Safety layout: box with pivoted cover and also link, security, secure, simple to open up.
Saving investment: big span. When overloaded, the lowest proportion of iron as well as saves replacement prices taken, after that crushed.
High stamina: toughness as well as durability is a lot greater than cast iron, can be made use of for terminals, airports and various other huge period and heavy lots environment.
Specifications as well as extra: satisfy various environment and loading need. Span, the desired shapes and size.

Welded bar grating is the most cost-effective option. This grating is produced by an forging process, welding rectangular bearing bars.

Welded Bar Grating