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Window Screen Security Cat Proof



Steel Window Screen

Corrosion resistance Stainless Steel Window Screen with Clear Vision,So you get a better view

With high transparency, stainless steel window screen provides you with a clear view in your house.

Stainless steel window screen, it called  invisible fly screen, is made of high quality stainless steel wire, and the common colors are black and gray. With the features of high strength, transparency, and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in resident buildings and office buildings to prevent mosquitoes, flies,so you can avoid mosquito bites indoors. And it also adopts the refraction principle of light to make the view from outdoor to indoor blurred.It allows you to enjoy the cool summer breeze indoors without being bitten by mosquitoes .


Above all Feature

Feature of Stainless Steel Security Windows Screen:

  1. You can sleep peacefully with your windows open, without the concern of an undesirable trespasser entering your home
  2.  Provides defense versus residence intrusions and burglaries.
  3.  Allows air flow with a clear view
  4.  Safeguards the existing window’s glass unit from flying items in hurricane and high wind problems
  5.  Protects home window glass from criminal damage
  6. Can not  cut with bolt cutter or knives.
  7. Block out mosquitoes, flies and other insects
  8. Residential pets proof. domestic animals cannot chew or claw through the mesh

For instance Use

Environmental change has a direct impact on human life, therefore, human’s attention to nature has  extended to the global scope. With a positive attitude, we can be more optimistic. A better future does not require people to simply protect the environment, but to maximize innovation and use advanced technology to maintain a harmonious and happy life.

The mountain tops  covered with snow, reflected in the mirror-like lake. Pure, fresh air swept through the pine forest. The sun’s rays warmed the green fields. This is how our planet was, and how it should have been. Therefore, window screens should also achieve self-regulation of warm in winter and cool in summer, and also pursue the function of heat insulation and one-way perspective.

Hover Box Element

Safety window screens  also called window screens, bulletproof nets, diamond nets, safety nets, insect nets, anti-theft nets.