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SL92 mesh for concrete 100mm*100mm Ribbed steel bar reinforcement mesh Australia



SL Mesh Concrete

Welded reinforcing mesh is a sort of mesh for concrete. Strengthening mesh is a highly reliable, affordable and flexible for concrete reinforcement, significantly conserve the construction time as well as reducing the labor force.

It is commonly utilized in road as well as freeway building and construction, bridge engineering, tunnel cellular lining, housing construction, floor, roofing system, as well as wall surfaces, and so on.

This general-purpose mesh is made use of for strengthening level concrete components such as Floor slabs and also Walls.

Square Mesh Sheets are manufactured from L grade ribbed wires (D 500 L) that are welded along with equivalent spacing in both directions to create square apertures.


Ribbed  Reinforcing Mesh

Dimensions for the Square Sheets are: 6 m x 2.4 m. These vary in sizes identified by the size of bench and the grid spacing required.

The wire used in our reinforcing mesh has a ribbed account. This ribbed account enhances bonding to concrete, which reduces concrete breaking that may take place as a result of concrete shrinking.

Conventional reinforcing mesh dimensions are 6.0 m x 2.4 m for the SL and also RL series of products.
The trench mesh items all come 6.0 m long with a range of common widths from 200 mm to 860 mm.

steel enhancing mesh ideal for usage in a range of applications consisting of:

  • Concrete paths
  • Industrial and also business ground slabs
  • Precast Panel construction
  • Residential pieces and also footings

We keep high quality levels of reinforcement mesh for concrete, We additionally give a cutting and bending solution on support fabric. Please contact our reinforcement professionals for more information or send us your drawings directly.

Trench Mesh is made specifically for usage in domestic footing trenches. Trench Mesh is made from grade 500 ribbed enhancing wire, Trench Mesh is used a range of longitudinal wires approximately 16mm diameter

Cross cords go to 300 mm center. Sheets are made in 6 m lengths, with widths differing from relying on the number of longitudinal wires. The longitudinal cords go to 100 mm center.