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Twin wire fence galvanized double steel welded 868 panel factory china court fencing



Twin Wire Fence

Twin Wire Fence with flat panel, making from double wire and a vertical wire to create a solid mesh. The surface area therapy covered by galvanization + polyester powder.

Double wire mesh fence are popular in Europe market, utilizing for parks, commercial place, homeowners etc.

Therefore, to prevent people from puncturing or climbing over fence system is necessary for some areas,  such as schools, sporting activities grounds and also many various other public locations.

Dual wire system serving as a strong barrier and panel elevations up to 6 m as a mighty obstacle. Each steel wire panel includes twin 8 mm wire welded either side of 6 mm vertical wire, giving potential trespassers little chance of appearing.

Panels fixed to steel posts , using strong clamps for safeguard with security screws. without visible connection on the back of fence.


Court Fencing

868 Panels
The mesh aperture for this twin-wire type of welded wire mesh fence is 200 mm x 50 mm.

Above all, twin straight wire provide a rigid level account to this secure fencing mesh, which with 6 mm  horizontally. The height of the mesh panel can from 1.0 M approximately 2.4 M.  Then with galvanized and polyester coating in a series of typical RAL covering. In conclusion, the panel exceptionally solid and stable, therefore the panel exceptionally hard to puncture. The twin wire mesh secure fencing system is among the most thorough, affordable protection fencing systems worldwide today.


Fence Post
The fence panels attached with high stamina steel posts. The usual posts of the dual chain link fence are SHS tube, RHS tube, Peach post Round pipeline or Special-shaped post. Panels are fixed to steel post utilizing durable clamps and also secured with pin hex safety and security screws, without noticeable repairing on the back of posts.


Twin wire fence make from horizontal double wire to create a solid mesh. The surface treatment covered by galvanization and polyester powder.

Twin Wire Fence