Abx fence has attributed its longevity and success to its superior customer service, dedicated employees, advanced knowledge of products, and the nationally recognized brands of fencing it employs.

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Temporary Pen Residential Fence



Temporary Pen

Temporary pen system designed for long-life and normal usage. Therefore,Don’t look anywhere else for mobile secure fencing to buy in Australia.

ABX Fence offer a series of portable fencing, and varying design short-term fence panels for a variety of customers. Similarly,We offer building and construction fence leasing,  purchasing your short-lived fence panels could be the very best option for you, specifically if you’re planning on utilizing them frequently. Integrated with our various other products consisting of Plastic as well as Concrete Fence Feet, Clamps and also Stays, you’ll wind up with an unsurpassable Temporary Fencing System.

In conclusion, our secure fencing panels and also group control barricades have actually been totally galvanized and also feature an anti-climb weld mesh infill, in accordance with Australian government standards as well as legislations.


Wire Mesh Fence

Wire mesh fence can be chain link fence. As a functional Fence, Chain-Link Fences are the fastest and  most cost effective fencing on the marketplace today. Utilizing the woven steel wire to make the panel, it widely made use of in almost everywhere. Because of the various applications, it is readily available in numerous wire evaluates and fit together dimensions.

Chain-Link Fence rolls finished with line cords and knuckled edges. What’s even more, the Chain-Link Fencing with barbed sides is extra popular and also has greater protection.

Security boundary fence produced utilizing galvanized steel wire. Which with super-durable powder coating guarantees a long service life for the fencing system. For instance, Our powder material is the leading brand like AkzoNobel, which supplies Highest Weather- rability and Gloss Retention in U.V. direct exposure.



  • Easy installation, less person can handle this work.
  • Long-life service with high quality materials.
  • Rust resistance based on dipped galvanized.



1. industrial building and building jobs

2. mining as well as resource sites

3. major public events, sporting activities, shows, festivals, events

Hover Box Element

Temporary pen system designed for long-life and normal usage. Therefore,Don’t look anywhere else for mobile secure fencing to buy.