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Security Fence chain link fencing barbed wire

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Security Fence

If you’re thinking about demarcating your property with a security fence, there are some styles fencing can make it.

Aesthetic is not only priority in the situation, but also keeping people out.


Expanded Metal Fencing

Expanded metal panel with higher stamina primarily constructed from carbon steel, stainless-steel is commonly utilized for preventing climbing, staying out invaders and burglars as well as utilized in roadways, freight yards, airport terminals, prisons, highway, farms and other public locations where with high demands of safety and security fence.

In order to improve its protection, it can utilized with other type harmonizes or panels. As an example, it made use of with chain link mesh as well as put on the bottom to stop smaller sized things experiencing; used with decorative pickets to enhance strength; utilized with barbed cables or include flexing top to raise its anti-climb capability. Turned around diamond positioning and common diamond alignment expanded steel mesh used with each other additionally to avoid smaller items going through.


Specs of steel expanded fence:

Products: carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Opening forms:  square, hexagonal, diamond.
Surface treating: galvanized, paint-sprayed, PVC layered
Colors: black,  white, environment-friendly, etc.
Thickness : 1.5 mm– 5 mm
Package: metal pallet and water resistant plastic or wood pallet.


Functions of expanded steel security fence:

  • Stable as well as high security. Increased metal without welds or powerlessness has audio structure and also high toughness.
  • Durable. It is anti-corrosion because of having various surface area treatments.
  • Climbing resistant. It can be used with various other type meshes or panels, such as barbed cords to improve anti-climb capability
  • Beautiful appearance. As a result of numerous shades, opening patterns and adaptable design.
  • Easy to mount as well as upkeep.


Application of expanded metal mesh:

• Protecting against climbing, staying out trespassers and burglars.
• Used in roadways, products yards, flight terminals, jails, freeway, ranches, manufacturing facilities, rental properties, domestic boundaries, as well as various other public areas where with high demands of safety.

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