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Field Fence Farm live Stock Cattle Deer Sheep Wire Fencing Galvanized Mesh Barrier



Field Fence

Field fence mostly constructed from high carbon steel wire, is also called a game fencing, deer fencing. It is included by the solid knot, which combines the hinge joint knot framework. The fixed knot fencing choices ideal for basically any kind of application on the ranch or cattle ranch.

Knotted fence is one of the most trustworthy arrest for pets. While welded fences can be appropriate for yards as well as tiny pets, They simply aren’t difficult enough for big pet corrals and containment. For that, you require a woven, or knotted, fence. Therefore, all of ABX’s huge animal fence is made using heavy-gauge wire and also knots for stamina as well as resilience.


Live stock wire fencing

* Monarch Knot

This knot style functions like a hinge. It provides a little under pressure, then springs back into shape. Our most preferred fencing style without a doubt, Monarch Knot fencing is simple to install because the joint provides the mesh flexibility. The fencing always preserves its complete height for proceeding security and also great appearances. Upright cables are separately cut and also wrapped for optimal stamina and flexibility.

* Square Deal Knot

One-piece upright keep cables are connected to line cables as well as crimped at the joint to avoid slippage, producing a company hold. The knot hugs both vertical and straight wires snugly for an inflexible but adaptable mesh. Consequently, this fence will not droop or bend and also stays solid also under pressure from animals. As well as, the flexible design makes it particularly reliable on sloping terrain.

* Cross Lock Knot

The Cross Lock Knot strongly fastens the fencing cables together, giving superior resistance to activity from animal infiltration or from severe snowstorms



  • Installation as same as 5 strands barbed wire fencing.
  • More powerful than a 9 gauge hinged joint or barbed wire fence.
  • Lasts 3 times longer than traditional hinged joint.
  • Will continue to be tighter and also won’t lose its form.
  • Better able to take in influence and also preserves its stress even throughout severe temperature level as well as environment adjustments.
  • Consumes to 40% less articles when contrasted to barbed wire so needs less labor time as well as is easier to set up.
  • Does not sag or squash down the means conventional hinged joint farm fence does.
  • Cattle are incapable to put their head with this fencing.
  • Kinder to pets as well as much less damage to the pet’s hide.
  • Superior layout indicates that maintenance is negligible.

Field fence is weaved from high carbon steel wire,also named game fence,deer fence,The fixed knot fencing ideally for kinds of ranch or field.

Field Fence Live Stock Fencing