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Crimped Metal Wire Woven Wire Mesh



Crimped Metal Wire

Crimped Metal Wire has the capacity to weave a complete range of woven wire cloth to suit your most demanding applications. Our products range from simple square or rectangular patterns to complex products with compound crimp patterns and wire arrangements.

ABX Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd is available in a stainless steel wire option that holds up better against highly abrasive material and protects against severe blinding and clogging problems. By adding 18% or more chromium to steel, a stainless steel alloy becomes non-staining under most conditions that corrode plain steel. In addition, alloys containing chromium and nickel  not magnetic when they annealed, so material passes through better instead of sticking to the wire.


Woven Wire Mesh

Square or rectangular pattern wire cloth using warp and fill wires of equal size. Warp wires pass over and under fill wires in an alternating pattern at adjacent intersections. Wire cloth manufactured with crimped warp wires filled at every other crimp with fill wires.

The resulting fabric has superior rigidity and greater stability.  So it’s very popular in screen and architecture applications.  Multifunctional silk cloth is manufactured to maintain accurate openings.  

For instance,each intersection formed with straight sections of fill wires woven within straight sections of warp wires.

Fill with wire braided in alternate mode, top and bottom. All the blank holder  offset to one side, producing a thread cloth so that all the lines and planes are in one plane. So this uniform surface allows the material to flow smoothly over the surface of the cloth.


ABX company supplies wire mesh for every required purpose.

  • Mesh size is the number of mesh’s width and length unit. Usually in inches.
  • Mesh aperture is the space between the adjacent of two wires.
  • Wire diameter is the size of the wire before weaved.
  • Wire pitch is the distance between the center of the two adjacent wires.
  • Warped wire is the tensile wire that goes parallel to the self-side
  • Weft wire is the braided wire intertwined perpendicularly with the warp wire

Hover Box Element

Crimped Metal Wire has the capacity to weave a complete range of woven wire cloth to suit your most demanding applications.