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Chain Link Fence Posts 358 Mesh Fencing Anti Climb



Chain Link Fence Posts

For commercial and industrial applications. Chain link fence posts can be used for perimeter and boundary security fencing needs

Procter contracts install chain link fences to the requirements of UK BS1722 part 1 & 10 British standards, and come in an extensive range of cross link wire diameters from 2.0mm to 4.75mm. chain link fence are made from galvanized metal & PVC coated material.

Typical applications for chain link fence include boundary, security, high security, and sports play grounds, therefore making it suitable for many types of property and use. Chain link fence posts can either concrete or steel, and these are manufactured and supplied by Procter contracts.

Chain link fence and posts

Our chain link fence posts are normally just plain concrete but can be offered in a coloured finish (typically green or brown) to blend more with the environment they are used in. Metal fence posts are made from either RSA (Rolled Steel Angle iron) or SHS (Square Hollow Section). They are usually hot dip galvanised and can be polyester coated to match the colour and finish of the cross link fence as required.

The finish – galvanised or plastic coated in green chain link fence or black coated chain link fence, with either a galvanised or un-galvanised core wire.

The heights available for Procter chain link mesh fencing, range from 0.9m to 3.6m. Vertical or cranked post extensions are available for fences above 2.0m to carry barbed wire or razor wire for added security.

Chain link fence supply

Chain link fencing is a popular low security perimeter fence, which is often found surrounding tennis courts, gardens and other school and commercial recreational grounds.


Galvanized Steel

Manufactured from galvanized steel, the mesh is coate in a green plastic that protects the steel further from corrosion and provides a pleasing looking fence that blends into its environment.

The powder-coated frame and vinyl-coated chain link fence is a great looking choice for your home or business. Chain link is a reasonably priced way to distinguish your home from others on the block and its uses include establishing property boundaries and kennel applications. Its popularity is due to the fact that it provides an elegant look with a strong, long lasting finish.

Chain link fence comes in two styles:

The most common is the galvanized finish and the second is a colored system where the mesh fabric has an extruded vinyl coating with the pipe and fittings being powder coated. There are many colors to choose from, though the most common are black and green. Both product types come with a 15-year warranty and greatly add to the beauty and security of your home or business.

The greatest advantage of a chain link fence is its low maintenance. Chain link comes in a variety of gauges for the wire mesh and several pipe sizes and thickness’ for just about every need. Colored vinyl slats available to increase privacy, if needed, and can installed by our crews or the customer. Chain link fence is a cost effective way to solve your security issues, as well as beautify your home or business.



Wire diameter:  Ø 4 mm mild Carbon wire or Zinc-Alu wire

Tolerance: +/- 0.08 mm

Transversal (horizontal) wire: 12.6 mm c/c
Longitudinal (vertical) wire: 76.2 mm c/c

Resistance welded at each intersection wire.
Tensile Strength: 520-725 MPA.
Zinc Coating rate: 275 g㎡

Mesh panel size:
2100 mm height x 2400 mm length
2200 mm height x 2400 mm length
2500 mm height x 2400 mm length



  • Aesthetical attractively
  • reliable
  • Easy and fast constructed with various fence posts system
  • Easily combined with gates and other defensive system
  • Excellent cost performance ratio

Colors: Polyester coating with Green RAL 6005, gray RAL 7016,white RAL 9010, etc.

1). Material : Carbon Steel Wire or Galfan steel wires
2). Surface Treatment : Galvanized, PVC Coated, Powder Coated
3). Wire Diameter : 3.0-5.0mm
4). Opening Size : 76.2*12.7mm, 75*12mm, 100*15mm, etc
5). Height : 1.27m-5.2m
6). Width : 2.0m, 2.5m, 2.9m, 3.0m, etc
Stronger 358 Mesh Fence

358 fence

In conclusion,There two enhanced version of 358 mesh: 2D Security Fencing and 3D Security Fencing. 2D fence panels increase strength by 6 mm vertical wire and additional 4 mm wires at 152.4 mm centers on the inside face. So it has double horizontal wires at 152.4 mm centres. This structure makes the fence panel very rigid and has a higher level of strength and security than common 358 mesh fence.
Therefore, 2D Security Fencing widely used for schools, industrial sites, infrastructure, and high security areas. While ,But 3D security fence enhanced its safety and appearance level with pressed horizontal ‘V’ shaped beams.In conclusion,It is a unique barrier solution which combines a high level of safety and aesthetic appearance
Features of 358 Fence
1). Aesthetically pleasing
2). Rust and corrosion proof powder coat finish
3). Variety of powder coat finish colours
4). prevention of thievery
5). Long Using life
Applications of 358 Fence
  1. Prison
  2.  Airports
  3. Commercial sites
  4. Factories and warehouses
  5.  Hospitals
  6.  .Military sites
  7.  Parking places
  8.  Penitentiaries
  9. Ports
  10.  Railway stations
  11. Sports stadiums

Chain link fence posts made of a welded mesh plate with small mesh and high strength. We have been in this line for more than 20 years.