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Deer Fence Cattle Deer Farm Grassland Wire Fence

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Deer Fence

Deer fence is a kind of breeding net developed in recent two years. It  improved on the basis of the traditional cattle net, deer net material, but now the market application is smaller, manufacturers are less, so the price is more expensive. The main differences are as follows:
1. Different modes of production. There are two kinds of traditional weaving methods: twisting and smashing.

Deer net is commonly known as ring buckle cattle net, its weaving method is the diameter weft wire is not moving, using the third wire to surround and twist plait.
2. The tension and ductility of the deer net change with the size of the ring buckle, and it is higher than the ordinary cattle net.
3, deer net mesh error is smaller. Because after the hole spacing of the two diametrically weft wires is designed, only the wire is produced in accordance with the prescribed procedure, without other operations, so the error is small.
4. The deer net can  woven with steel wire in diameter and weft, and the third surrounding wire must be iron wire, so the impact resistance is better.


Farm Wire Fence

There are three knots for field wire fencing we are providing:

  • Monarch Knot– This knot style features like a hinge. It offers a little under pressure, after that bounces back right into shape. Monarch Knot fencing is simple to mount due to the fact that the hinge provides the mesh adaptability.
  • Square Deal Knot– One vertical wire tied to cross wires and crimped at the joint to prevent slippage, creating a strong knot. The knot hugs both upright and straight cables securely for a stiff but adaptable mesh. Consequently, this fence won’t droop or distort and also stays solid also under pressure from pets. And the flexible design makes it especially reliable on uneven surface.
  • Cross Lock Knot– The Cross Lock Knot firmly attaches the fencing cables with each other, supplying superior resistance to movement from animal infiltration or from extreme snowstorms.


Field wire also called grassland fence, solid knot has great strength and resilience to protect cattle deer and horse, widely used in ranch

Hover Box Element

Deer fence is a kind of breeding net developed in recent two years. It  improved on the basis of the traditional cattle net.