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Aluminum railing Regular Picket Railing



Aluminum railing

Aluminum railing made of 6063 industrial aluminum, through extrusion, aging, burning, high temperature electrostatic spraying, with classical buckle combined new technology. It does not need welding, wire connection and corner code connection, its node is tight seamless, safe and reliable, rich in beautiful fashion, no rust, green environmental protection and long life quality.Color Aluminum guardrail is the crystallization of a revolution in China’s guardrail industry,

which not only meets the needs of the development of The Times,

but also responds to the strategic policy of low carbon consumption reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection.

In conclusion,In people’s life will become a safe enclosure, decoration and isolation indispensable an ideal product. Therefore, In the construction of civilized city will become a beautiful scenery line.


Security Railing

Security Railing(Aluminum guardrail) is famous for its unique advantages of “no rust”,

and gradually become the use of major construction, the balcony is a place where children and the elderly often move,the safety of the guardrail is especially important.

Aluminum alloy guardrail surface using powder spraying, it will not rust, will not produce light pollution, can often new; Between the tube and tube using new technology of interpenetration welding process, make it more safe. Light weight, impact resistance.


Feature Aluminum railing:

First: aluminum baluster structure simple material lightweight products for disassembly structure, no welding, the surface can not see screws. Compact connection, no loosening off phenomenon. Easy to pack, transport and install. Aluminum weighs only one-third as much as iron, steel, copper or bronze, making it light, easy to process and cheap to transport.

Second: high strength, good flexibility, good corrosion resistance compared with other traditional raw materials, the hardness of aluminum can resist greater tension and impact, and has more good flexibility. At the same time, the surface of the aluminum baluster is oxidized and other surface treatment products. It has corrosion resistance

Third: the appearance of high-grade beautiful aluminum surface has been anodized according to industrial standards, natural metallic luster or by grinding, electrophoresis treatment can obtain the desired appearance effect.

Fourth: In conclusion,ultra high safety products using aluminum alloy as raw materials,

after heat treatment process forming, greatly increase the tensile and compressive properties of the product

Aluminum railing made of 6063 industrial aluminum, In conclusion,through extrusion, aging, burning, high temperature electrostatic spraying,

with classical buckle combined new technology.