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Expanded Metal Stainless Steel Aluminum Expanded Steel Mesh Metal Sheet Factory



Expanded Metal

Expanded metal also named expanded steel sheet. Materials available in the carbon steel,stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized.

To produce the expanded steel , the metal panel simultaneously perforated and stretched.The metal mesh is manufactured by slitting and stretching from a strong metal sheet, not woven or welded,and it’s disassemble.

The mesh panel generally consists of increased and flattened. Because of no wast materials in the produce process, expanded metal panels are economical and saving energy by conserving material and also permitted the construction to go additionally and also do more.


Expanded Steel Sheet

Expanded steel commonly recognized for its sturdiness, rust resistance and also high resilience.  The expanded metal  widely put in use,  cost-effective technique to develop a non-skid and solid surface. It Manufactured in Mild Steel (M.S.), Galvanized Iron (G.I.), Stainless Steel 304, 316 (S.S.) Aluminium and also various other metals from 0.5 mm open up to 100 mm opening in all possible density. In this sort of metal mesh stretched under pressure and also slit consistently to produce ruby shaped openings. Which further helps to strengthen the structure.

The openings in the mesh enable light, air and also ventilation. Considering that its aesthetically shaped hence looks attractive. Its also quite tough and simple to set up. These majorly utilized on paths, working platforms and so on. The hefty increased steel can likewise be made use of as an action mesh of oil tanks and also strolling road for heavy version equipment. These likewise utilized as enhancing bar in construction, railway as well as bridges.



  • Materials: mild carbon, aluminum, stainless steel,aluminum alloy, copper, brass.
  • Opening shapes: rhombus, hexagonal.
  • Panel thickness: 0.45 mm – 20 mm
  • Panel width : 0.2 m – 1.5 m
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, paint, polishing,etc.
  • Colors: silver, red, yellow, blue, or request.
  • Features: corrosion resistance materials of strong metal panel.
  • Easy cut and trimmed.
  • No wasted materials,saving energy.

Expanded metal produced by strong metal simultaneously perforated and stretched, economical and save energy,no materials lost and disassemble.

Expanded Steel