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Razor Mesh Fence Concertina Wire Barbed Mesh Boundary Border Security Fencing



Razor Mesh Fence

Razor mesh fence also called concertina razor wire, is a multi-functional high safety fencing from high produced tensile razor barbed wire. welded into rhombic pattern or square pattern flat panels.

Above all, Razor Wire Fence is a brand-new type of guard fencing, is almost difficult to climb up or remove with the standard devices. Therefore, it’s ideal for jail fencing, train, freeway, airport terminal as well as various centers security.

Characteristics: With stunning of sharp blades and strong core wire. In addition, razor wire has the attributes of good deterrent effects, wonderful look, very easy installation economical and also sensible and other residential properties.


Concertina Wire Mesh

Concertina wire mesh similarly is razor wire. After that, as a reliable and economical safety and security obstacle, utilizing galvanized steel blade to twist around a galvanized core wire. With its high protection feature, Concertina Razor Wire can stop the majority of the intrusions for it is difficult and also harmful to broke in. For instance,with the Concertina Razor Wire on the top of other fences, it can greatly enhance the security variable. One of the crucial features is the low cost.  It is popular in the African market, it is likewise a hot-sale item most nations as well as areas.

Application: Similarly, concertina wire widely used in apartment house, company devices, jails, frontier defense, military areas and other websites requiring severe fence and protection.



Materials: galvanized wire, stainless steel, powder coated.

Categorize :.
Concertina Crossed Razor Wire.
Single Helical Razor Wire.
Welded Razor Wire Mesh.
Flat Razor Wire Wrapped.

> 1. High security, it is nearly impossible to climb.
> 2. High strengthen steel core hardly cut off.
> 3. Powerful protection fence barriers neat appearance.
> 4. Extremely simple to set up, requires 3 to four to mount molding.
>5.  No secondary usage, so he will certainly not be swiped.
> 6. Anti-corrosion, aging, sunscreen, weather condition.