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Aluminum Fence Panels Decorative Fence Exterior Privacy Wall Front of Yard Screen



Aluminum Fence Panels

Aluminum Fence Panels are widely used for exterior wall cladding as decoration, modern , fashion, smart, cartoon, etc.

You have a customization with the pattern, size, color.so it is one type of individuation product, you can order it specially for your own only.

As the old adage goes, “good fence make a good neighbor”. Decorative fence is what divides and protects your domain from the others, but there is no reason your home need looking like a fort, a prison, worse yet.

To carry out a artistic effect with laser cut metal panel. if you want to take a consideration for your front yard,then Decorative fences really can handle the exterior of your building with a result adding value. ABX Design masters manufacture tailores both steel fencing and also gates. We supply for numbers of domestic as well as business customers.


Laser cut metal panels

ABX Designers are proud themselves, offering quality steel from Australian sourced steel suppliers.

Constructed from excellent quality steel using state-of-the-art laser cutting tools, the ABX laser cut metal panel is repainted to provide an unique ‘rust appearance’ surface. All laser cut privacy displays have  a fullywelded with screw hooks to assist your chosen surface area.

ABX decorative screening and exterior privacy wall panels’ surface art can for helding on wall surfaces, fences or you can place it in a hardwood frame to develop a special feature. When incorporated with LED lights it is sure to make the night come to life.

Decorative fence

ABX decorative fence panels can be made use of as or included in fence to produce a gorgeous, efficient and low maintenance fencing.
Whether you want to construct a whole decorative metal fence from our steel personal privacy displays or want to include them to an existing fence as an accent or centerpiece, we have a pattern that will match both your needs and also residential property.

ABX Laser Cut Privacy Screening will transform your wall surface or fencing right into a masterpiece of yard art. because it can for improving the appearance of any outdoor living location.

Exterior privacy wall panels is readily available in many kind of colour of your choice which is powder covered in aluminium panel. Now you can colour it to match any kind of appearance of your selection.

Laser cut metal fence can for terrace, gardens boundary safety, and so on.and they are vary in numbers and size of the pickets. It’s also readily available in differing heights, depending upon your preference and specific requirements.
Decorating your residence with laser cut metal panel make sure safety and decorate with poise. Our remarkably crafted detail of aluminum decorative fence for Patio or Staircase will certainly revitalize and rejuvenate the inside and also the outside of your residence.

Decorative fence

The decorative fence is lined with elaborate holes that can be hung in any direction.  The indoor or outdoor privacy accent screen will become a favorite in any yard, deck or home (this screen also looks fantastic with wall art).  This is a classic way to add elegance or privacy to your home or garden.

This decorative fence panel is the ideal screen to hide an unsightly neighbor’s backyard, to block unwanted direct sunlight, create privacy or to frame an outdoor room. It is of the highest quality and designed to resist corrosion throughout all seasons. It is robust, yet lightweight and is protected by a robust and scratch-resistant powder coat, ensuring that it will stand the test of time in both commercial and residential settings.

Laser cut metal panels

The benefits of laser cut metal panels are that you can achieve small intricate details as well as creating eye-catching one-off designs. Abx will work with you and your architect through your initial design ideas and we will deliver your concept into a reality but also to the highest quality. Abx can manufacture decorative metal screens of any size which can be used for privacy or to add a new element to the interior or exterior of a property. There is a range of finishes available to take your decorative screen to the next level. A wax coating is able to keep the natural raw aesthetic of steel or stainless steel can have a mirror or satin polish creating a touch of elegance. Alternatively, powder coating also provides a protective layer that comes in a wide range of colors to suit any home.


Advantage OF Aluminum Fence Panels:

High Durability, Low Maintenance, Great Value

All the Exterior Privacy Wall Panels are cut from moderate steel and also custom-made rusted to a desired color as well as structure and after that covered with a sealer that slows the rusting procedure. Not only does this make the screens extremely long lasting, it additionally makes them low upkeep. The screens developes continuing to slowly oxidize, gradually altering color as well as appearance in time. If you intend to even more slow down the rusting process, you can regularly treat the displays with an appropriate sealant or safety metal lacquer.

A fencing is greater than simply a barrier, nonetheless. Yes, a fence notes the border of your building yet that’s just a single purpose of a great fence. A fencing borders your garden and highlights your landscaping, it offers your residential property its aesthetic allure, and it gives you privacy along with a level of safety.

Not only our steel is guaranteed to last and also hold up against the harsh Australian climate, but also Corten steel is a much-loved among many clients because of its weathering residential properties and also natural rust appearance.



1. No welding style, best rust proof.
2. No demand of paint with upkeep.
3. Electrostatic painting, fadeless and also vivid, fashionable.
4. Numerous designs, easily set up as well as installment.
5. Strong resistance corrosion building, properly protect against acid, antacids, and also salt from deteriorate.
6. Sturdy, no erosion, no-aging as well as dis-colorization.
7. Smooth as well as refined, vivid, brilliant and also splendid appearance.
8. High Fashioned as well as elegant.
9. Safe, environment-protective, harmless to humans and also pets.
10. Modification rates.
11. Lots of requirements for your option, incorporating western styles with contemporary aesthetic appeals.
12. With enough stamina as well with shock resistance residential or commercial property.
13. Making use of special spraying, ultraviolet light proof, colorfast, indehiscent,non-foaming, no-worm, with validity more than 20 years.

Decorative Fence Setup:

1. Very Easy to mount, just screw, no welding.
2. Matching devices, Detailed installation illustration as well as direction will certainly be with the distribution.

Application of Aluminum Fence Panels:

  • Exterior Garden Fence Panel.
  • Attractive Fence Panel.
  • Balcony Fence Panel.
  • Privacy Wall Panels.
  • Railing Fence Panel.


Impressive performance:

1. Meddle, anti-sabotage, audio insulation excellent, the introduction of German technology.
2. Surface area three-dimensional carved, brilliant shades, anti-UV therapy.
3. Environmental management, resilience, just great toughness, not afraid of influence damages.
4. Feel good, sophisticated sheet steel developing handling, not rusty.
5. The connection accessories are 304 stainless steel.

aluminum fence panels is the ideal screen to hide an unsightly neighbor’s backyard, to block unwanted direct sunlight, create privacy or to frame an outdoor room