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Laser cut panel factory decorative screen pattern metal sheet factory



Laser Cut Panel

Laser cut panel made from metal panel with decorative pattern by cutting system.

Therefore, you can make outstanding designs by these intersected lines made in home windows, doors, etc. After that, you can use this artwork for discolored glass, marble cutting, as well as furnishings decorating. Above all, this artwork can made use for cutting all products listed below and for engraving a few of them according to the equipment your requirement.

Laser Cut Metal Sheets have many uses from an interior dividing or attribute wall to a magnificent outside facade. Therefore, the laser cut steel provides a distinct layout option for both exterior and interior metal applications.

For instance, we have numerous laser cut panel with different colors and designs.

Decorative Screen Pattern

Decorative screen pattern panel for area/ veranda divider produced by CNC device. In other words, with the attributes of appeal, personal privacy, defense and strong, it commonly made use of area divider, wall surface decoration or ceiling decoration inside or as the enclosure, façade design, personal privacy wall panel, sunshade panel, attractive door exterior. and it tailored according to client’s demands.

In conclusion, ABX FENCE offers you personalized attractive and also personal privacy steel fence panel for yard, fencing, door, balcony, etc.

Decorative pattern by laser cutting, it can make your cozy home a terrific feeling of architectural.

In additional, we near to Tianjin port, after metal screen finished manufacturing, it will be packaged well and shipped to your destination port.

Your drawings very welcome, or we can offer our styles for recommendation.



  • mild steel
  • galvanized panel
  • aluminum panel
  • stainless-steel panel.

Laser cut panel has many uses from interior dividing to magnificent outside facade. it provides your home a terrific feeling of architectural.

Laser Cut Panel