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868 Fence Double Wire Fence Welded Metal Security Fencing



Double Wire Mesh Fence

Preventing people from cutting through or climbing over your fencing system is essential for schools, sports grounds and many other public places. Using a double wire manufacturing process, the double wire mesh fencing system offers protection against both of these factors.

Each steel panel features twin 8mm wires welded either side of 6mm Twin fence (Double Wire Mesh), giving would-be intruders little chance of breaking through. It is also available as a 656 Twin Wire Panel option. Panels are fix to steel posts using sturdy clamps and secured with pin hex security screws, with no visible fixings on the back of posts.

Available in a wide variety of RAL colours and over 20 different heights,  double wire mesh fencing can be tailored for every installation. The system conforms to BS 1722 14 for open mesh steel panel fences as standard.

868 Fence Double Wire Mesh Fence 

This 868 Fence is very popular in the Middle East. This decorative pyramid fencing is made of high quality rod steel, Double horizontal wire welded to vertical wire, The panel became more strong. also,And it with unique and beautiful PYRAMID design.

Pyramid Mesh Fence features twin 8mm&6mm wires welded either side of 6mm&5mm vertical wires, giving would-be intruders little chance of breaking through. It is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire. Then will Pyramid Mesh Fence hot dipped galvanized,powder coated or pvc coated. It looks modern and attractive. also,Mainly used for security protection in construction site, residential building, sports field, warehouse, highway or airport service area, railway station, etc.

868 Fence

The mesh aperture for this twin-wire type of welded mesh fence is 200mm x 50mm. Twin horizontal wires at each intersection give a rigid but flat profile to this mesh fencing system, with vertical wires at 5mm or 6mm and horizontal wires at 6mm or 8mm depending on the height of the mesh panel and the site application. The height of the mesh panel can be from 1.0M up to 2.4M, with the finish galvanized and polyester coated in a range of standard RAL colors. This system not only makes the panel extremely strong and stable but also makes the panel extremely difficult to cut through. The double wire mesh fencing system is among the most comprehensive, cost effective security fencing systems in the world today.

Fence Posts

The Pyramid Mesh Fence panels are attache with high strength steel posts. The common posts of the double wire mesh fence are SHS tube, RHS tube, Panels are fix to steel posts using sturdy clamps and secured with pin hex security screws, also,with no visible fixings on the back of posts.

Installation manner

1)The post popular buried under the ground 600mm-800mm and pouring concrete when installation them.

2) Welded flange base under the post ,also,and use setscrews to install on the hard ground.




1) It do not need any fixed parts.It is installed in a way of sequential assembly,also which saves lots of time and improves efficiency.
2) Each part with superior quality,and 10-year anti-corrosion to make the fence go well.
3) It is a perfect system to work with gate in a unique appearence.
4) Professional install drawing are available for your easy understanding


Double wire fencing has simple structure ,firm and durable,easy to difficult to fade , as professional fence is used in airports and military bases. hile adding elbow, razor wire, barbed wire and other security accessories, it can protect the enhance sites further more.


1) Construction reinforcement, the ground for the tunnels, bridges, highway, garden, floor, airport and wharf
2) Construction of wall body
3) Mobile fencing used in excursions on the riding trail
4) Buildings and factories, as animal enclosure and fence in agriculture
5) Horticulture industry as tree guards, plant protection


Fence panel:

  • Height: 830 mm, 1230 mm, 1530 mm, 1830 mm, 2030 mm, or required.
  • Width: 2000 mm, 2500 mm, or required.
  • Materials: steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, other material available.
  • Surface treatment:  PVC powder coated (Min.100 micron), galvanized (Min.120 micron) . It provides durable usage .
  • Colors:  gray, green, black, white. All is available.
  • Accessories: fence post, barbed wire, clamp bars, bolts,  nuts, washer, clips, etc.


  • Fence post should buried into ground, either 500 mm minimum or 700 mm maximum.
  • Fence panels put in line with posts and fittings.
  • if Y posts use on the top of the fence, , razor wire and barbed wire could be locke.
  • Spacing between brackets in post should better be 0.3 m.
  • complete construction guide offered upon request.

868 fence has more steady framework than usual welded wire fences for usage of in different places.We are factory of Double Wire fence