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Steel Grate Metal Walkway Steel Grating



Steel Grate

Steel grate, also called bar grating or metal grate, is an open grid assembly of metal bars, the bearing bars runed in one direction, and spaced by stiff accessory to go across bars running vertical to them, or by curved connecting bars expanding between them, and designed to hold hefty loads with minimal weight.

Galvanized steel grates offered in a selection of bar densities, depth and spacing according to the applications needs.
They are likewise available in either smooth leading or serrated of anti-slip grating. Because of as one of leading suppliers of welded steel grating in China, and we supply a range of dimensions for shipment in panels or other specs.


Steel Grid Grating

Because of steel grid grating is the most multilateral kinds of steel grid grating, so stress locked grating is the offering of preference for architectural applications, including close web grating for ADA applications, and high traffic public pedestrian areas, rhetorical mask as well as ornamental grilles.

ABX Steel provides full range of materials: carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. The secured grating is the outstanding ample of grating made. This grating is especially commended in regular anxiety instance comprehensive of plant floorings, mezzanines, freeways as well as bridges. where were thought about transforming vehicular loads, or required a grating of high pressure and tight, the flush surface of riveted steel grating offers superb walking comfort.

We can manufacturer the steel gratings to any requirements or preferred shape.  Because of its excellent character and performance, the galvanized steel grates can widely utilize in flooring, deck, pathway, system, design, so on



  • Components: bearing bar (load bar), cross bar, (crimped and riveted).
  • Material: galvanized steel, aluminum steel, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment: untreated, galvanized, polishing, painted, powder coated, etc.
  • Constructionwelding, press-locked, swage-locked, rivet.
  • Bearing bar type: Plain, Serrate (tooth-like), I bar (I section), Serrated-I
  • Bearing bar pitch:20,25,30,32.5,34.3,40,50,60,62,65 mm. etc
  • Cross bar pitch:40, 50, 60, 65, 76, 100, 101.6, 120, 130mm, etc.
  • Steel grating size:3x20ft,3x24ft,3x30ft,5800×1000,6096×1000,6400×1000, as requirements.
  • Application place: petroleum and chemical, port, power, transportation, papermaking, medicine, steel and iron, food, municipality, real estate, manufacturing

As a result, it extensively used as floors, staircase footsteps, trench covers and upkeep systems in manufacturing facilities. Other places include, electric motor rooms, trolley channels, boiler devices and heavy device’s locations, and so on.

Hover Box Element

Steel grate, also called bar grating or metal grate, is an open grid assembly of metal bars,We are a steel plate manufacturer。