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Razor wire mesh welded wire mesh trellis boundary perimeter security fence panel



Razor Wire Mesh

Razor wire mesh is made by welding straight razor wire in square or rhombus shape. This security fence is designed to restrict access and also climbing for its sharp blades.

Razor mesh trellis is mainly used in the edge of the site, country boundary, the protection and separation of various traffic facilities and roads, forest reserves, government departments, sentry sites and other sites requiring security guard.

Due to the unique shape of the gill net is not easy to touch, so it can achieve a good effect of protection and isolation.

The materials of wire mesh includes galvanized and stainless steel.


Perimeter Fence Panel

Therefore, as a perimeter fence panel, Bonded Razor Mesh Fence is a brand-new established fence mesh which has the features of a great deterrence impact, beautiful appearance, cost-effective and sensible. For instance, It plays the function of security in mines, gardens, frontier protection support, and prison enclosure.

Before install razor wire panel is necessary to construct the framework. It is based upon upright shelfs made of galvanized pipes regularity. Regularity setting posts shall be made to make sure that they can make installment of razor cloth desired length. The optimum range between 2 surrounding columns must disappear than 2 meters.  Mounting should implemented to ensure the top e over the top crossbar. At the request of the client welded razor fence bottom may bury in the ground to 500 mm. Razor wire is galvanized, so it does not spoil the activity of dampness in the dirt. After setting up the razor barbed wire does not need added treatment, as it is refined better corrosion make-up at the factory.

Welded Razor Mesh Features :

  • — Impossible to climb;
  • — The blade account is exceptionally sharp;
  • — High-strength steel core wire is extremely challenging to reduce;
  • — Made from galvanized material or stainless-steel guaranteeing a long life;
  • — Simple to install;
  • — Effective barrier with cool look;
  • — Guarantees fast as well as efficient border remedy.