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Anti-Climb Fence is High Security Fence



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Anti-Climb Fence

The tightness of the wires in this anti-climb fence makes it impossible to shin along these lines,therefore,Anti-shin fence have long been considered the safest welded grid fences, and because of their excellent settings, they can be commercially obtained with advantages over other products, such as steel fences, link fences or different types of welded work fences.

Because of the anti-climb fence is made of an excitation wire (also covered with polyester powder and epoxy) with a hole diameter of 76.2 mm x 12.6 mm.In other words, this means a reasonable opening between the 9 mm lines – the lack of an instrument to insert the hand or to cut the line.


High Security Fence

In conclusion,with excellent see through visibility makes high security Fence is very suitable to use on commercial.In the industry,  you can enjoy both the ultimate security without compromising the visibility of customers and others.Therefore,and it is also suitable for premium housing estate development,apartments and condominium surroundings,such as school, business park,warehouses,power plants,military sites,education facilities,hospitals and residential areas.

For instanceAnti-climb fence  commonly used in prisons and correctional units, government units, factories, warehouses, military sites, military sites, luxury villas, airports and security equipment control areas.

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Above all Specifications

  • Wire diameter: Ø 4 mm mild Carbon wire or Zine-Aluminum wire
  • Tolerance:+-0.08 mm
  • Transversal(vertical) wire:12.6 mm c/c
  • Longitudinal(vertical) wire 76.2 mm c/c
  • Resistance welded at each intersection wire .
  • Tensile Strength:520-725 MPA
  • Zinc Coating rate :275 gm²

For instance Features:

  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Reliable
  • Easy and fast constructed with various fence posts system
  • Easily combined with gates and other defensive system
  • Excellent cost performance

Colors:Such as polyester coating withe Green RAL 6005,gray RAL 7016,white RAL 9010 etc.

Anti Climbing Fences  primarily used as part of the fence system to provide maximum protection for the site without obstructing visibility.

358 Fence