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Diamond mesh window screen



Diamond mesh window screen

Diamond mesh window screen is available as security mesh to protect the window both when it is open and closed. This should be essential consideration if the windows open while homeowners are not home or asleep. There is variety of security screens producers able to supply and easy install security screens.

Security Window Screen let fresh air flow right into your residence, on the other hand keeps mosquitoes out. Our window security screen made from the 304 or 316 L stainless-steel wire with black powder coated. It is extremely resistance to effect, bulletproof, anti-theft, anti-fly and mosquito together, and also has the attributes of heat resistant, fire resistant, high toughness, toughness, and also the surface area shade and also gloss is brilliant attractive, can be much better to increase air flow rate. Its high quality satisfies Australia criterion. Safety home window screen is ideal defending against theft and insect in bulletproof office buildings, villas, and also residential.


Stainless Steel Safety Screen

Stainless steel safety and security window screen is also called protection mesh, safeguard, bulletproof internet, defend against burglary home window testing, It is made from excellent quality stainless steel wire.

By reducing, flatting, cleansing and after that electrostatic powder covering, the mesh level, best passage, same longitude as well as latitude curvature, better transmittance, anti-mosquito, anti bug. It is the first choice of safety production for anti-theft, bulletproof as well as house & office.Because it normally made use of for the doors and also window, we additionally call it as steel safety windows and doors display.



  1. The mesh surface is smooth and well distributed.
  2. Screen wire with strengthen and toughness.
  3. Great impact resistance
  4. Electrostatic coating with powder, aging resistance, corrosion prevented.
  5. Anti fire, security and burglary proof.
  6. Applications for Office, villas, residential buildings, school, airport , especially wet cities.

Hover Box Element

Diamond mesh window screen is available as security mesh to protect the window both when it is open and closed.