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Concertina razor coil barbed tape wire blade mesh security fence factory



Razor Barbed Wire

Razor barbed wire, also known as blade barbed mesh, It is a new type of barbed wire protection. Blade barbed mesh has the advantages of beautiful, economical and practical, good resistance effect and convenient construction.

Razor barbed wire is a new protective net product with strong protection and isolation ability developed. The sharp knife spines made of double wire buckle into snake abdomen, both beautiful and chilling. It’s a good deterrent. At the same time, the product has the advantages of beautiful, good resistance effect, convenient construction and so on.

Do protective, blade barbed wire generally used in prison because of the sharp blade is not easy to touch, play a role in deter.  It also can used in the enclosure. The barbed wire anti-theft effect is better than ordinary barbed wire, the price is not high also, so the blade thorn rope is more and more widely used.


  • Countries’ industrial and mining enterprises
  • Garden apartments and private house.
  • Border posts, military fields, prisons, detention houses
  • Government buildings and other countries’ security facilities.


Stainless Steel Concertina Blade Wire Mesh

Stainless steel concertina razor barbed wire according to the different application of nickel in the field is not the same, the use of 304 stainless steel in a dry indoor environment is quite good. However, in the country and the city to maintain its appearance outdoors, it needs to washed regularly. In heavily polluted industrial and coastal areas, the surface can be very dirty and even rust. But to obtain the aesthetic effect in outdoor environment, we need to use stainless steel containing nickel. Therefore, 304 stainless steel widely used in curtain wall, side wall, roof and other building purposes, but in the corrosive serious industry or Marine atmosphere, it is best to use 316 stainless steel.

It is mainly use in garden protection, highway and railway protection, municipal construction of parks, roads, ponds and lakes, residential protection and isolation, border isolation belt, prison activity places, walls and factories and other places, is now a kind of protective mesh.


Are Razor Wires Effective ?

Blade barbed wire processed by punching steel plate using mechanical rolling method on steel wire. When installing blade barbed wire protective net, two people required to install it at the same time to prevent one person from injured due to rebound during installation. After the installation of the blade barbed wire protection net, it should rested so as to achieve the protective effect. Its installation has an impact on the effectiveness of protection.

Usually the barbed wire is 22 cm in width, blade barbed wire is a stinging connection card buckle and fixed on the nail connected longitudinal tensile reinforcement, usually vertical brace connection with stents with cold drawn from two point five mm galvanized steel wire around the two laps after tight fixed, the stent usually installed in the span of three meters protective fence post and across China, other span only set and the upper pillar, The bracket connected with the protective fence by bracket hoops.

The vertical distance between the lower edge of the blade rope and the upper edge of the reinforced concrete protective fence is zero and five centimeters. The longitudinal reinforcement hot-dip galvanized wire, double screw brining process, and the galvanized wire connection card galvanized steel plate stamping or carbon steel plate stamping. The diameter of the hoop of the blade piercing rope is 8 mm, and its shape specially customized and equipped with nuts and anti-theft washers in combination with the cement column guardrail.



Because of the unique shape of the gill net is not easy to touch, it can achieve excellent protection and isolation effect. The combination of blade rope and snake – ventral blade gill net is prohibitive and breaks people’s sense of luck. Can be used for anti-theft Windows, high-speed guardrail, isolation grid. The construction is rapid, the effect is remarkable, there are a variety of erection methods to choose from, both cost saving, length and diameter can be made according to customer requirements. This product has good deterrence effect. Beautiful. Convenient construction. Economic and practical and other excellent characteristics.


Specifications of Stainless Steel Concertina Razor Wire :

  • High quality, do not bend easily while stepped or pressed.
  • Barbed type:Type – BTO 22
  • Material:stainless steel 304
  • Thickness:0.5 mm ±0.05 mm
  • Length of blade:22 mm ±1 mm
  • Width of blade:15 mm ±1 mm
  • Barbed spacing:34 mm ±1 mm
  • Coil wire tensile strength: stainless steel 304 wire minimum 1300 N/㎡ +

Concertina razor barbed wire has the advantages of beautiful, economical and practical, good resistance effect and convenient construction.