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Blade Coil Razor

Anping County ABX Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in China’s famous “Wire Mesh township” – Anping County, Hebei Province. Our factory was founded in 2009. After years of development, now has a broad production plant and excellent office environment, covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, more than 30 sets of various production equipment. We are engaged in the Fence industry, leading technology& quality in the same industry in the country .

Blade barbed wire, also known as blade gill wire, blade gill net, is a new type of protective net. Compared with the traditional barbed rope, the blade barbed rope has the advantages of economy, practicality, beauty, good protection effect and convenient construction, so the blade barbed rope is more and more widely used. It is mainly used for the protection of garden apartments, government units, prisons, posts, border guards and so on. Generally in order to protect the installation of ordinary galvanized barbed rope, although the effect is better, but the style is not very beautiful, so in recent years is gradually replaced by blade barbed rope.


Barbed Tape

First of all, the protection ability of the blade barbed rope, the blade gill net is made of stainless steel sheet or hot dip galvanized steel sheet to make sharp knife flake, stainless steel wire or high tension galvanized steel wire as the core wire combination of resistance equipment. Because the unique shape of the gill net is not easy to touch, it can achieve a very good protection and isolation effect. Because it does not have any point of impact, it cannot climb with the help of itself. At the same time, due to its large volume, it causes great difficulty for people who intend to turn over, and its spikes are very easy to scratched or caught in clothes. Therefore, the blade barbed rope is better in terms of protective ability.

The second is the spiral cross style, compared with the original single style or a more beautiful and even more suitable for some high-end apartments for the outer wall of the fence, at the same time in the interior will not cause the feeling of captivity.

Generally speaking, the snake abdomen blade is in line with the development trend of the market, and is gradually into the sight of everyone. Good protection ability, simple installation has been recognized by people.

The significant role of the blade rope is reflected in the protection safety engineering, and the high quality and low price has become the first choice of many protections engineering, among these protection products, the blade rope has a good defense ability, because the blade ends are polished sharp, also can prevent remote areas close to wildlife habitat.


Installation :

  • The straight blade stabbing rope needs to straighten the spiral blade stabbing rope before it can be used. There are many erection methods to provide choices, and the construction speed is relatively fast.
  • The spiral cross blade barbed rope does not need clips. The gill net connected to the two blades is clamped with stainless steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet, which will form a cross shape after expansion, which is beautiful and practical.
  • The CROSS-BLADE barbed ROPE IS USED IN THE middle of two blade gill nets, connected by stainless steel cards and galvanized card buckles, which can be made into cross-shaped with different diameters. It is suitable for high walls or fences, which can play a good isolation and protection role.