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Expand Metal Stainless Steel Aluminum Mesh

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Expand Metal

Expanded metal concept: expanded metal, also called tensile net, punching shear nets, diamond metal, perforated plate, heavy expaned metal sheet…

For instance expanded metal sheet is the sheet metal after punching shear with punching shear machine .

Tensile and become with diamond mesh of sheet material network products.

Basketry steel and its fence mesh is hailed as a new type of flame-retardant scaffold pedal. It is a popular alternative to bamboo scaffolds in southern China. Its basketry is also called steel fence net, scaffold steel net, diamond steel fence net, steel expansion net, steel extension net and metal stamping net in different cities in the country.


Walk way Expanded Metal

The one-peace solid structure and relatively lightweight quality provide a relatively competitive cost,and  are particularly suitable for public security applications in different industrial fields,which can not only reduce costs,but also increase the service life of the metal mesh.

Abxfence walkway metal mesh designed to meet the professional needs of installation and construction,and for extremely demanding projcet  projects,using high-strength and high-tenacity materials to form rhombic shapes,and perforated board nets with the same size and shapes rules.Therefore,it improve the convenience of installation and construction,industrial security industries and other security protection purposes. Also suitable for solar panel construction,plant roof construction , various public consrtuctions,green building,etc.

For instance Expand Metal of Feature

1. with strong and durable, beautiful and generous, easy to maintain, good visibility.

bright color, is the first choice for beautifying the highway environment engineering products;
2.The anti-dazzle network can not only ensure the continuity of anti-dazzle facilities and horizontal access, but also isolate the upper and lower lanes to achieve the purpose of anti-dazzle and isolation.
3.Anti-dazzle net is more economical, and beautiful appearance, less wind resistance, after galvanized plastic coating can prolong the service life, reduce maintenance costs.
4.Easy to install, not easy to damage, small contact surface, not easy to touch dust, can keep clean for a long time.


Above all Expand Metal of Description:

  • Materials: mild carbon, aluminum, stainless steel,aluminum alloy, copper, brass.
  • Opening shapes: rhombus, hexagonal.
  • Panel thickness: 0.45 mm – 20 mm
  • Panel width : 0.2 m – 1.5 m
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, paint, polishing,etc.
  • Colors: silver, red, yellow, blue, or request.
  • Features: corrosion resistance materials of strong metal panel.
  • Easy cut and trimmed.
  • No wasted materials,saving energy.

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