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Razor barbed wire mesh Security Fencing

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Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire is a new type of protective net, which has knife shaped barbed wire that can easily cut through flesh and clothing. It is arranged in the shape of a snake abdomen by double thread buckle,Both beautiful and chilling, played a very good deterrent effect, with beautiful, good resistance effect, convenient construction and other advantages.Therefore, blade barbed rope is more and more widely used. It is mainly used for enclosure protection of garden apartments, organs, prisons, sentries and frontier defense.


Barbed Wire Mesh

Barbed Wire Mesh  made of stainless steel sheet or hot dip galvanized steel plate to make sharp knife sheet, stainless steel wire or high tension galvanized steel wire as core wire combination of resistance equipment. Due to the unique shape of the gill net is not easy to touch, so it can achieve a very good effect of protection and isolation. Because it does not have any point of strength, it cannot climb with the help of its own. At the same time, due to its large size, it is not a small difficulty for people who want to turn over, and its spikes are easy to scratched or hooked onto clothes. Therefore, the blade barbed rope is relatively good in terms of protection ability. The second is the spiral cross style, compared with the original single style, there are more beautiful or even more suitable for some high-end apartments and other external walls of the fence, but it will not cause the feeling of imprisonment in the internal view.



Razor Mesh trellis is an efficient intruder deterrent & a cool choice for a garden.

Razor security fencing is almost impossible to climb or cut with basic tools.

Not only has a neat appearance and also  advised for …

  • The reinforcement of fencing
  • The fence outside the house
  • Roof covering and skylight reinforcement
  • Protecting small available gaps


1. Sturdy
Razor mesh fences are solid and also resilient. They can not punctured with typical devices, making them a reliable obstacle.
2. Easy to mount
This type of fence does not require special tools or abilities to set up. It also calls for minimal upkeep work.
3. Can be customized
Based on your security requires, you might personalize the razor mesh fencing according to your specs.

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