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Perforated panel



Perforated Panel

Perforated Panel is a sheet product that has been punched with a wide variety of hole sizes and patterns providing an aesthetic appeal. It is a kind of sheet metal usually made with styles of perforating,embossing, slotting or checkered plates. The process of creating perforations is called perforating, which involves puncturing the work piece (usually a thin metal sheet) with a tool. Perforating can reduce the weight of the product while not significantly reducing the strength of the product. Perforated metals have greater structural strength than
expanded metals of comparable thickness.

Slotted perforated panel is a sheet or coil of material made from metal that contains holes punched by a die.also,Embossing is a metal forming process for producing raised or sunken designs or relief in sheet material. Checkered plate, also known as Diamond plate, is a type of light-weight metal sheet with a reqular pattern of raised diamonds or lines.

Perforated steel sheet offers savings in weight, passage of light, liquid, sound and air, while providing a decorative or ornamental effect. Perforated steel sheets are common in interior and exterior design. Carbon steel perforated sheet are available in wide range of hole sizes and patterns. Holes can be round, square, rectangular, slotted, or decorative. The perforated pattern can be custom or one of the standard patterns. also,Carbon steel perforated metals are used for a wide range of products including air filters, machine guards, tractor grills and shaker screens.
1 Specifications: C1008/1010, Hot Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steel
2 Applications: security, sifting, machinery guards, enclosures, sign panels, & more.
3 Work ability: Easy to Weld, Cut, and Form with proper equipment
4 also,Mechanical Properties: Magnetic, Tensile = 50,000 +/-, Yield = 35,000 +/-

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

Stainless steel perforated sheet metal also call perforated metal screen, perforated metal panels, is a metal sheet punch with various holes to meet different needs. The hole patterns can be round hole, slotted hole, square hole, diamond hole, hexagonal, triangle, and other decorative shapes.

High top is one of the best perforate metal suppliers in China. also,Our stainless steel perforated sheet is available in different thicknesses and width ranging from 24 gauge in diameter and up to 72″ in width.

It can have either small or large aesthetically appealing holes which make it ideal for customers who seek overall protection while maintaining its aesthetic appearance.

Perforated sheets

Perforated sheets can be use to benefit in many situations, e.g noise and weight reduction, air control, filtration or as a decorative finish. The varied qualities offered by perforated sheets make them ideal for sorting, screening, facades, ceilings, lamps, shelves, shielding, stairs and many other applications, also,far too many to mention!

Safe Metal Mesh carries the largest range of stock sheets of perforated metals in Australia and New Zealand. We only offer premium quality, European made products, burr free, flat sheets that exceed industry standard. Stock sheets are available in a variety of materials, open area, material thickness and hole patterns,

including Round / Square / Hexagonal / Slotted / Decorative and are use for various applications such as:

• Railways, public works equipment and agricultural machinery: interior fitouts, air vents, running boards, footstools ..
•also,Equipment and industrial processes: wood industry, paper, foundry, chemical / petrochemical, food industry…


We have virtually thousands of different tools and patterns available and ready for production. However, should we not have the tooling for the exact pattern you require our modern

and well equipped tooling department is able to produce cost effective tooling,

also,enabling us to supply perforated products exactly to your requirements.


Perforated metal sheet has applications in architectural, commercial, industrial and decoration.

  • Materials: metal panel, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment: galvanizing, powder coated, painting, polishing.
  • Thickness:0.5mm-30mm
  • Hole shapes: square, round, hexagonal, decorative pattern.
  • Size: customized.


Mining, medicine, grain screening, indoor sound insulation, silencing, grain depot ventilation, mechanical protection, etc.

also,Kitchen equipment with stainless steel fruit blue, food cover, fruit plate and other kitchen utensils.

As well as shopping malls with shelf network, decorative display platform, grain storage with ventilation and ventilation net, football turf seepage water filter filter.

also,Perforated panel is a sheet product that has been punch

with a wide variety of hole sizes and patterns providing an aesthetic appeal.